The Princess Bride
William Goldman

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(+)  The capybara: A before reading activity

(+)  Vocabulary: a before reading activity

(+)  Conventional Characters: A before reading activity

(+)  What is Love? A before reading activity

(+)  Abridgments: A before reading activity

(+)  Character Analysis: an activity for during the reading

(+)  Write an Alternative Scene: an activity for during the reading

(+)  Create a PowerPoint Presentation: An activity for during the reading

(+)  A Newspaper Article: An activity for during the reading

(+)  Character Knowledge Game: An activity for during the reading

(+)  Book Jacket: An after reading activity

(+)  The Princess Bride Review Sheet: An after reading activity

(+)  Happily Ever After? An after reading activity

(+)  What Makes a Lasting Relationship? An after reading activity

(+)  The test: An after reading activity


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    This is William Goldman's official page for The Princess Bride, including instructions for getting a copy of the missing scene, a story synopsis and a biography of William Goldman.
  • Wikipedia page
    This page outlines a history of The Princess Bride, both the movie and the book.
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    This cite provides chapter summaries and main themes within The Princess Bride.