The Pigman
Paul Zindel

Reading Strategies

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Blooms Taxonomy
Blooms Taxonomy Overview
Cloze Procedure
Concept Analysis
Concept Analysis 2
Four Corners
Guided Imagery
Problematic Situation
Ragor Readability
Silent Discussion

Reading Activities

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(+)  Anticipation Guide

(+)  Journey to Meet the Pigman

(+)  Pigman Vocabulary

(+)  Focus Activity

(+)  Teenagers in Trouble / Exploitation of the Elderly

(+)  Looking at Characteristics

(+)  "Dear Alice"

(+)  Character Focus

(+)  Check for Understanding

(+)  DRAW!

(+)  Analyzing Literature

(+)  A Letter to Mr. Pignati

(+)  Extending Your Response

(+)  The Pigman - A Picture Book

(+)  Final Project