The Outsiders
S E Hinton

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(+)  Social Labels Value Line

(+)  Vocabulary Using Roots Fly Swatter Game

(+)  Vocabulary Using Roots Board Race

(+)  Interview a Character

(+)  Symbolism and Metaphor in Robert Frost's Poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay"

(+)  Chalk Talk: Character Development Through Implication

(+)  Relay Race for Simile and Metaphor

(+)  Crime Scene Investigation: Who Jumped Johnny?

(+)  Writing About Theme

(+)  Text-to-Text and Text-to-Self Connections in Robert Frost's Poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay"

(+)  Comparing Setting in The Outsiders, Romeo and Juliet, and West Side Story

(+)  Symbolism of the Sunset Essay Paragraph and Peer Review Game

(+)  Comparing the Rumble to Modern Gang Fights