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Novels: TheLordOfTheFlies

The Lord Of The Flies
William Golding

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Day 6 Lesson
Day 11 Lesson
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Multicultural Strategy
Peer Review Worksheet
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Questioning Strategy
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(+)  Lord of the Flies Unit Plan & Ideas

(+)  Who Would You Want to be Your Leader?

(+)  Lord of the Flies in the context of Post-WWII


(+)  Archetypes Then and Now

(+)  Character Connections and Mapping

(+)  Reading Between, Though, and Under the Lines

(+)  Symbol, symbol. Who’s got the Symbol?

(+)  Answer the Hard Questions.

(+)  Hidden and Obvious Themes

(+)  Debating Ethics; Defending your Thesis

(+)  Boys will be Boys: Gender Analysis

(+)  Biblical Allusions and Symbols Emerge

(+)  Detective Essay: Comparing/Contrasting to find Appeal

(+)  The Masks We Wear



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