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The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins

Reading Strategies

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Anticipation Guide Strategy
Anticipation Guide Student Worksheet
Concept Analysis
Graphic Organizer Strategy
Graphic Organizer Student Worksheet Blank
Graphic Organizer Student Worksheet Possible Key
Questioning QAR Overhead
Questioning QAR Student Worksheet Book One
Questioning QAR Student Worksheet Book One Key
Questioning QAR Student Worksheet Book Three
Questioning QAR Student Worksheet Book Two
Questioning Strategy QAR
Raygor Readability
Reading to Writing Assignment
Reading to Writing Rubric
Reading to Writing Strategy
Taxonomy Overview Guide
Vocab_Magic Squares Strategy
Vocab_Magic Squares Student Worksheet Key
Vocab_Magic Square Student Worksheet

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More Information About The Hunger Games

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(+)  Bell Work Free Write

(+)  Suzanne Collins Bio

(+)  Author Reads Eleventh Chapter

(+)  Reality TV Connection: Kid Nation

(+)  Summary to Send Home

(+)  Chapter Drawings

(+)  Foreshadowing

(+)  Items In Your Backpack

(+)  Nuremberg Law Connection

(+)  Theseus and Katniss Comparison

(+)  Discussion Questions

(+)  Poverty in Panem

(+)  Relate to Outside Texts

(+)  Predictions

(+)  Personal Reflection Essay



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