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The Graveyard Book
Neil Gaiman

Reading Strategies

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A Poem for Two Voices
Blooms Taxonomy Overview Guide
Concept Analysis
Generative Reading Strategy
Herber Readiness Pre-reading Strategy
Problematic Situation
Questioning Strategy
Raygor Readability Estimate
Vocabulary Bingo

Reading Activities

More Information About The Graveyard Book

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(+)  Name Interviews

(+)  Theme Poems

(+)  Know, Want, Learn (KWL)

(+)  Anticipation Guide

(+)  Tracing Elements of the Quest

(+)  Paper Dolls

(+)  Unsent Letters

(+)  Collage Write

(+)  Jeopardy

(+)  Limericks

(+)  Letter to the Author

(+)  Second Chance

(+)  P.S. Epilogue Write

(+)  Comparison Write

(+)  Write the Test



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