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Novels: TheFellowshipOfTheRing

The Fellowship Of The Ring
JRR Tolkien

Reading Strategies

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Blooms Taxonomy
CLOZE Procedure
Comparison Contrast Grid
Contextual Analysis
Crossword Puzzle Vocabulary Strategy
Directed Reading Thinking Activity
Guided Imagery
Herber Readiness
Problematic Situation
RAYGOR Readability
Semantic Feature Analysis
Socratic method Class Discussion
Taxonomy Overview Guide -- Blooms
Why Teach The Lord of the Rings

Reading Activities

More Information About The Fellowship Of The Ring

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(+)  That Was Then, This Is Now

(+)  Roundtable Discussion

(+)  What If...

(+)  Novel Newspaper

(+)  Make Your Own Test

(+)  Dramatic Monologue

(+)  Mapping Out the Novel

(+)  Artistic Essays

(+)  Time Machine

(+)  Notes and Quotes

(+)  Get To Know the Author

(+)  Teaching Allegory

(+)  Making Preditions about Movie Adaptations

(+)  Teaching Themes, Motifs, and Symbols



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