The Crucible
Arthur Miller

Reading Strategies

Cover Image

Anticipation Guide
Anticipation Guide for the Teacher
Anticipation Guide Strategy
Crossword answer key
Crossword puzzle
Found Poem
Guided Imagery
Interest Survey
Parts of a Play Script
Parts of a Play Script Teacher
Picture Book-NameBrian
Picture Book
Problematic Situation
PS-Student Dilemmas
PS-Typical Moral Dilemma Approach
Questioning Strategies
Story Grammar
Table of Contents
Taxonomy Overview
The Cover Page
Thematic Unit student Bibliography
Unsent Letter

Reading Activities

More Information About The Crucible

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(+)  Provoking Skit

(+)  Clique Journal

(+)  Mad Libs

(+)  Mini Flip Book

(+)  “I am” poem

(+)  Character Drawing