The Chosen
Chaim Potok

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(+)  Jewish Culture

(+)  Context Clues

(+)  Predictions

(+)  World War II Project

(+)  Family Relationships

(+)  Newspaper Assignment

(+)  Rotating Reciprocal Reading

(+)  Annotations

(+)  Text to Self

(+)  Character Traits

(+)  Characterization

(+)  Summarize

(+)  Similes and Metaphors

(+)  Formal and Informal Writing

(+)  Worksheet

(+)  Hebrew for Gentiles

(+)  "To Choose or Be Chosen"

(+)  "Seeing, Hearing and Writing the Theme"

(+)  "Jews in Their Homelands and Jews in America"

(+)  "Judaism in America Today"

(+)  "Fathers, Friendship and Religion"