Jerry Spinelli

Reading Strategies

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01 Cover Page
02 Table of Contents
03 Introduction
04 Concept Vocabulary Analysis
05 Raygor Reading Estimate
08 Anticipation Guide Instructions
09 Anticipation Guide
11 Vocabulary Instructions
12 Vocabulary Squares
13 Blooms Taxonomy Instructions
14 Blooms Taxonomy Questions
15 KWHL Instructions
16 KWHL Sample
17 KWHL Worksheet
18 Found Poem
19 Unit Taxonomy Overview
20 Thematic Bibliography
21 Image Sources
Blooms Taxonomy
Concept Analysis
Cubing Strategy
Picture Book
Problematic Situation
Questioning Strategy
Raygor Readability Estimate
Semantic Feature Analysis

Reading Activities

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(+)  Strange or Strangers?

(+)  Mad-libs and Mad-lips

(+)  Stargirl Reading Activites

(+)  Alternatives

(+)  Life Map