Solar Storms
Linda Hogan

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(+)  Legend/Folklore

(+)  Before Activity #2; Territory

(+)  Before Activity #3; Historical Movie

(+)  Before Activity #4;Stereotyping

(+)  Before Activity #5;Music

(+)  During Activity #1; Dam article

(+)  During Activity #2; Matriarchal Relationships

(+)  During Activity #3; Bear Story Close Reading

(+)  During Activity #4; Angela’s Character

(+)  During Activity #5; Character Outline

(+)  After Activity #1; Free-Write Slam

(+)  After Activity #2; Alternate Ending

(+)  After Activity #3; Sequence Chain

(+)  After Activity #4: Understanding Differences through Music

(+)  After Activity #5; Totem Poles