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I knew they’d be calling me soon and I knew I’d better get out. I leaned across a heap of tea chests and shined the flashlight into the space behind and that’s when I saw him. I thought he was dead. He was sitting with his legs stretched out and his head tipped back against the wall. He was covered in dust and webs like everything else and his face was thin and pale. Dead bluebottles were scattered on his hair and shoulders. I shined the flashlight on his white face and his black suit (8). Along with this description is the dialogue between Michael and the man in the garage. Prior to giving the journal prompt read aloud the above selection as well as the dialogue that follows after. Next discuss with the students who they think the man in the garage is and where did he come from. Following the discussion give them the following prompt: In a paragraph or more discuss who you think the man is, where he came from, and whether or not he is real.

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