Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead
Tom Stoppard

Reading Strategies

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After Reading--READERS Theater
After Reading--Readers Theater instructions
Before Reading--Anticipation Guide
Concept Analysis
During Reading Strategy--fishbowl
During Reading Strategy--Fishbowl Notes
During Reading Strategy - fishbowl handout
Multicultural--body biography
Multicultural--body biography instructions
Questioning--Teach Each Other--cue sheet
Questioning--Teach Each Other--quotes
Questioning--Teach Each Other
Raygor Readability Estimate
Taxonomy Overview Guide
Vocabulary Strategy--instructions handout
Vocabulary Strategy

Reading Activities

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(+)  Pre-Reading: Characterization

(+)  Pre-Reading: Deeper Characterization

(+)  Pre-Reading: Writing & Discussion

(+)  Pre-Reading: Meet the Author

(+)  Pre-Reading: Theatre of the Absurd

(+)  During-Reading: Predictions

(+)  During-Reding: Dense Questioning

(+)  During-Reading: Film & Theatre of the Absurd

(+)  During-Reading: Act it Out!

(+)  During-Reading: Close-Reading

(+)  Post-Reading: Convince Shakespeare

(+)  Post-Reading: Obituaries

(+)  Post-Reading: Sound-Off!

(+)  Post-Reading: Write Your Own Test

(+)  Post-Reading: 10-line Play