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Novels: RollOfThunderHearMyCry

Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry
Mildred Taylor

Reading Strategies

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Anticipation Guide
Anticipation Guide overhead
Bibliography b
Biopoem strategy
CAR study organizer
Cloze Procedure
Concept Analysis
Concept analysis
Guided Imagery
Guided Imagery Prompt
Novel Unit Design
Picture Book Strategy
QAR worksheet
Raygor Readability
Study Strategy
Study Strategy Worksheet
Unsent Letter
Vocabulary Strategy
Vocabulary Strategy Handout
Writing Strategy
Writing Strategy worksheet

Reading Activities

More Information About Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

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(+)  Before Reading Journal Activity

(+)  Before Reading Creative Poem

(+)  Before Reading Historical Context Activity

(+)  Before Reading Activity: Using Images to Teach

(+)  Before Reading Anticipation/Reaction Guide

(+)  During Reading Connecting Text to Self

(+)  During Reading Article Connection Activity

(+)  During Reading Comparing Types of Figurative Language Activity

(+)  During Reading Silent Conversation Activity

(+)  During Reading Interpretive Characters Activity

(+)  After Reading Social Issues in Songs Activity

(+)  After Reading Review of Setting Activity

(+)  After Reading Chalk Talk Activity

(+)  Roll of Thunder

(+)  After Reading Comparing Novel to Movie



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