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 <<]] This activity will also students to connect with the characters of the book and to understand more about them. For this activity each student will pick a character from the book and write a letter from his or her perspective.  This letter can be to another character in the book, for example, Poison could write a letter convincing Bram to stay with her. Or students can write a letter to someone they know. This activity will allow the student’s to be creative, focus on an audience, and connect with the text.

A line in the book states, “When the tale is ended, then the writing will be visible to your eyes; until then, it is unwritten”, for this activity teachers should read students this line and then conduct a small discussion of what it could possibly mean (184). Students should then be given several minutes to brainstorm and reflect on decisions that they have had to make during their lives. The students will then write an essay describing this choice they had to make. Their essay should include how they ultimately made their choice, and how it was resolved. They should then compare their decision to one that Poison made in the book, and describe how it was similar and how it was different.

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