Jane Austen

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(+)  Anticipation Guide

(+)  You Are What You Say

(+)  Movie Trailer

(+)  Then and Now

(+)  Family Connections

(+)  Creating Chapter Titles

(+)  Guess Who Journal Entry

(+)  Fictional Friends

(+)  Round Table Discussion

(+)  Quote Game

(+)  Alternate Ending

(+)  Create Your Own Test

(+)  Movie Adaptation Comparison

(+)  Original Ending

(+)  Jeopardy Review


  • Wikipedia
    An overview of the novel and other interesting background information.
  • Online LIterature
    Information on the author, as well as the FULL TEXT by chapter. Useful for review if the books stay at school.
    Information on the author, as well as the FULL TEXT.
  • Book Rags
    Study Guide for chapters, plot, themes, characters, and historical context.