Art Spiegelman

Reading Strategies

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After Reading Strategy
Cloze instruction
Cloze Procedure
Concept Analysis
Cubing Questioning Strategy
Discussion Strategy
During Reading Strategy
Fishbowl Discussion
Graphic Elements Strategy
Graphic Elements Student Worksheet
Graphic Elements Terms
KWHL Instruction
KWHL Worksheet
KWL Strategy
KWL Student Chart
LGL Vocabulary Instruction Routine
Picture Book
Prereading Strategy
Prereading Strategy 2
Problematic Situation
Raygor Readability
Response Write
Stereotypes Worksheet

Reading Activities

More Information About Maus

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(+)  What is a Graphic Novel?

(+)  Children of Holocaust Survivors

(+)  Interview a parent about their life history

(+)  Poland During World War II

(+)  Survival Scenarios, what would you choose?

(+)  Timeline of the Holocaust

(+)  The “Gemeinde” / “Judenrat” in Jewish ghettos

(+)  Heroes in Warsaw Ghettos

(+)  Create your own “comic”

(+)  Canar, Alison. “Why Mice?” Brigham Young University. February 2009.

(+)  “Maus” your school, how would you represent your peers?

(+)  Retell a story “Maus” style

(+)  Research a topic related to your family or cultural history

(+)  Creating Your Legacy

(+)  Writing a Letter to Spiegelman