Life Of Pi
Yann Martel

Reading Strategies

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Anticipation Guide
Concept Analysis
Concept and Vocab Analysis
During Reading Strategy 1
KWHL Strategy
Magic Squares--Vocabulary
Prereading Handout
Prereading Strategy
Prereading Vocabulary Handout
Problematic Situation
Questioning Strategy
Raygor Readability Estimate
Thematic Unit
Unit Plan
Writing Assignment

Reading Activities

More Information About Life Of Pi

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(+)  Chalk Talk (before)

(+)  Text to self Journal

(+)  Animal Groups Mini Research

(+)  Survival Brochure

(+)  Tiger, tiger: text to text

(+)  Literary Element Silent Talk

(+)  Religious Inquiry Mini Research

(+)  Pi Patel's Character Sketch

(+)  Thematic Chalk Talk

(+)  Multi-Genre Newspaper

(+)  Thematic Four Corners

(+)  Text to world Notecards

(+)  Story With a Culture Twist

(+)  Character Web

(+)  Culminating Paper and Notecards