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King Of Shadows
Susan Cooper

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(+)  Shakespeare and the Internet

(+)  The Virtual Globe

(+)  He's Got the Plague!

(+)  What Is't Thou Sayest? Understanding Differences in Language

(+)  Sensory Reflection

(+)  Role Model Character Exploration Activity

(+)  Who's That Guy? Character Log Activity

(+)  To Be Like or To Be?: Metaphor and Simile

(+)  Elizabethan Culture Project

(+)  Playing a Part: Connecting to Nat Through Self-Exploration

(+)  Prithee, Whither Wander I?:Character Exploration

(+)  Guess Who History: Getting Involved in Historical Research

(+)  So, What Just Happened?: A Review of Plot Identification

(+)  What's In a Name?: Themes in King of Shadows

(+)  What do you think? Moral Argumentation and King of Shadows



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