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Reading Strategies

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Anticipation Guide
Anticipation Guide Worksheet
Concept Analysis
KWHL Sample Worksheet
KWHL Worksheet
List Group Label
Questioning Blooms Taxonomy
Raygor Readability Estimate
Thematic Unit and Bibliography
Vocab Square Worksheet
Vocabulary Magic Squares
Vocabulary Magic Squares Worksheet
Vocabulary Squares
Writing Strategy

Reading Activities

More Information About Hoot

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(+)  Setting Venn Diagram and Discussion

(+)  Coloring Confused Words

(+)  Figurative Language in the Everglades

(+)  Vocabulary Runners

(+)  Endangered Species Summaries

(+)  Some Texts, the World, and I

(+)  Figurative Language Tree

(+)  Who's Who in Hoot?

(+)  Flashbacks and Boardgames

(+)  What would you do?

(+)  Stand-Up Sit-Down Plot

(+)  Crime Scene Theme Investigation

(+)  Letter to the Editor

(+)  Rhyme and Reason

(+)  The Truth in Pancakes