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William Shakespeare

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More Information About Hamlet

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(+)  "All the Classroom's a Stage"

(+)  Understanding Being Misunderstood

(+)  “I Am a Pirate With a Wooden Leg: Stomping Iambic Pentameter.”

(+)  The ‘Punny’ Language of Shakespeare

(+)  "Before Reading the Play"

(+)  A Guilty Gertrude: Performing Speaking and Silent Moments in Hamlet

(+)  Accidental Action: Uncovering Causes and Effects of Major Events in Hamlet

(+)  You Can't Go Home Again (or, If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother)

(+)  www.Hamlet

(+)  Unravelling the Many Layers of Ophelia

(+)  Lights, Camera, Action

(+)  Through the Character's Eyes

(+)  Emulating Shakespeare: To Snooze or Not to Snooze?

(+)  Analyzing Action Aftermath

(+)  Hamlet in the News



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