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Novels: FreakTheMighty

Freak The Mighty
Rodman Philbrick

Reading Strategies

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Anticipation Guide
Concept Analysis
Guided Imagery
Raygor Readability Estimate
Taxonomy Overview Guide -- Blooms
Thematic Bibliography
Vocab Strategy - Semantic Feature Analysis
Writing Strategy - Childrens Book

Reading Activities

More Information About Freak The Mighty

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(+)  Fear Journal

(+)  Making Connections

(+)  Compile Me

(+)  Informal Text Analysis

(+)  Plot Scramble

(+)  Plot Map

(+)  Arthur Article Jigsaw

(+)  K-W-L

(+)  Anticipation Guide

(+)  Tea Party

(+)  ABCs of Comparing and Contrasting

(+)  Swat Words

(+)  Photograph Narrative

(+)  Compare and Contrast

(+)  Character Interview



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