Fielders Choice
Rick Norman

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(+)  “Name that Place” - Pre-Reading Activities

(+)  “WWII information” – Pre Reading Activity

(+)  “Text to Self connections” – Pre Reading activity

(+)  “Review to Preview” – Pre Reading acitivity

(+)  “The game of 1930’s Life” – Pre Reading acitivity

(+)  Opening Lines from Young Adult Literature

(+)  Interactive Baseball Rules

(+)  Visualize the plot – During reading activity

(+)  The tale of three brothers – During reading activity

(+)  Reading vocabulary – During reading activity

(+)  List Group Label – After Reading Activity

(+)  Ask the Author – After Reading Activity

(+)  Essay Test Questions– After Reading Activity

(+)  Fork in the Road– After Reading Activity

(+)  Peer Spelling Check – After Reading Activity