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Novels: CallOfTheWild

Call Of The Wild
Jack London?

Reading Strategies

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After Reading Strategy
After Reading Strategy 2
Cloze Procedure
Concept Analysis
Discussion Strategy
During Reading
During Reading 2
During Reading 3
Free Choice Strategy
Prereading Strategy
Prereading Strategy 2
Raygor Readability Estimate
Unit Plan
Vocabulary Strategy

Reading Activities

More Information About Call Of The Wild

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(+)  Background Research

(+)  External Features

(+)  Klondike Advertisement

(+)  Vocabulary Prep

(+)  A Look at the Klondike

(+)  Benefits of Society

(+)  Understanding Plot

(+)  Point of View

(+)  Student Questions

(+)  Predicting Events

(+)  Make your Own Cover

(+)  Character Questions

(+)  Scene Rewrite

(+)  Bucks Progression

(+)  Compare and Contrast



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