A Raisin In The Sun
Lorraine Hansberry

Reading Strategies

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Before Reading Strategy
Concept Analysis
DR-TA strategy
During Reading Strategy
Multicultural Strategy
Picture Book
Problematic Situation Strategy
Questioning Strategy
Raygor Readability Estimate
Taxonomy Overview Guide
Vocabulary Strategy

Reading Activities

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(+)  American Experience: Chicago Freedom Movement (1966)

(+)  How would you spend $10,000

(+)  "Harlem" Study and Discussion Guide

(+)  Who Was Lorraine Hansberry?

(+)  The American Dream

(+)  Reading Quizzes and Vocab

(+)  Student Reenactment

(+)  Inflation Activity

(+)  Reading Strategies

(+)  Dissecting Themes in the Book

(+)  A Raisin in the Sun (Film)

(+)  What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

(+)  Real People or Racial Stereotypes?

(+)  Character Correspondence

(+)  Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs


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